Remembrance film crowdfunds for final 20%

I’m Max Fraser, an independent filmmaker and the son of a WW2 veteran. My dad landed in Sicily on July 10, 1943 along with 25,000 other Canadian soldiers in Operation Husky. Seventy years later, I took part in Operation Husky 2013, an epic journey of remembrance that walked the same path as the 1st Canadian Division. In Sicily, 562 Canadians lost their lives fighting fascism. The Canadian War Cemetery at Agira is rarely visited. I hope this film can help change that, and inspire a steady stream of pilgrims to journey “over there” to pay their respects.

The film Bond of Strangers, Going the Distance for Remembrance will portray the challenging and emotional pilgrimage experienced by the amazing characters of OpHusky2013, and show the journey and sacrifice of Canadian soldiers in 1943. I have received or can access 80% of the financing needed to finish the film, provided I can raise the final 20%. That’s where you come in.

I need your help to finish the film and share it audiences who care, and, perhaps more importantly, with those who have yet to learn about this important and lesser-known chapter in Canadian history.

I’ve suffered a few setbacks and needed to reduce my budget, but I’m certainly not giving up.  I’ve raised or can leverage 80% of the $116,777. Reaching the crowdfunding campaign goal of $25,000 will put us over the top and make the film a reality. I’d like to think enough other Canadians have my back and will support OperationHuskyThe Movie.

So far it’s going well. Friend Steve Gregory, founder and leader of Operation Husky 2013, has enthusiastically pledged his support and will help tap his network. Friend, OpHusky2013 marcher and award-winning Canadian author, Mark Zuehlke, has generously provided a number of his books as perks.  Another friend and marcher, Rod Hoffmeister, is Honourary Lt-Col of the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada. Thanks to Rod and the Seaforths, we are able to offer copies of their DVD “Return to Agira” featuring the historic concert performed by their Pipes and Drums in the town square in July 2013.


Most important to me is the support of the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment.  The story of the Hasty Ps’ assault on Monte Assoro during the Sicily Campaign will be a major chapter in the film; it will feature a foot-of-the-mountain briefing by WW2 veteran Bob Wigmore to a group that scaled the mountain in tribute during OpHusky2013.

Klondike Joe Boyle

Joe Boyle was Dawson’s wealthiest citizen in 1914. He financed a machine gun regiment to go to war soon after war was declared in August, 1914.  In return for his generosity, he was made an Honourary Lt-Col in the Canadian Militia. Sporting an officer’s uniform with Yukon gold buttons, Boyle went to London in 1916 to seek an assignment. He was sent to Russia to fix up the railway system, which led to his unplanned romance with Marie of Edinburgh, Queen of Romania. By the end of the war, Boyle was also running a spy network of more than 400 agents for the British Secret Service.

Production gears up in Sicily

Scouted the route of the OpHusky marchers on 07July. The marchers, led by Steve Gregory, have a long way to go through some great country. Lots of hills and history. Met up with advance team and few marchers inclucing author Mark Zuehlke and march leader Philip Bury (ex RCR). We’re expecting more tomorrow and everyone in by Monday night, most important our film crew. The march starts on Wednesday with a ceremony at Pachino Beach.

On the route of the 1st Canadian Division in 1943 and Operation Husky in 2013

On the route of the 1st Canadian Division in 1943 and Operation Husky in 2013

Countdown to OH2013 continues.